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Respected trainers I have trained with include:

John Lassetter, (trained at the Spanish Riding School and Saumur France), Major Anders Lindgren, Volker Bromman, Sue Ash (S), Bill Woods (R), Jeff Moore (S), Tami Crawford (2x Olympic longtlisted rider),
JJ Tate and Biomechanics Founder Mary Wanless (RWYM).

I have gained inspiration and knowledge from auditing clinics with Reiner Klimke, Kyra Kirkland, Conrad Schumacher, Steffen Peters, Jane Savoie, and many other top trainers.


Who I Teach

- Professional riders, including a former USA Olympic 3-Day event team member, as well as other successful professionals.

- Competitive Adult Amateurs and Junior dressage riders.

- Hunter riders (improving flat work and jumping position).

- Pleasure and Novice level riders of all ages and disciplines.

My Training Philosophy

 I offer  “a whole package system” to help all levels of riders and their horses.   By this I mean that I train my students to have more feel, awareness, knowledge, understanding, and skill so they can develop a better partnership with their horse (through rider biomechanics); I use a classical dressage approach with kindness and flexibility to help horses of all ages, levels and abilities to develop correctly; I teach in-hand/ground work to help the horse become more mentally and physically relaxed; and I help assess any other areas of concern, such as body work, saddle fit and feeding.

I believe the welfare and comfort of the horse has to be addressed to enable the best learning environment possible. From there the desires and goals of the rider can be met.  I ask my students “How can I best help you?” and I encourage my students to ask of themselves “How can I best help my horse?” My goal is to develop a skilled thinking rider with a happy horse.

 I love to teach and pass on my knowledge, and take pleasure in teaching all levels of riders and their horses. Lessons are adapted for each individual horse and rider. I have a wide range of training and experience based on the British Horse Society system.To this solid foundation I incorporate the teaching of correct rider biomechanics, which I believe is the “missing link” in most riders. I also add ground work to help tense horses gain more confidence, develop lightness and softness. This is directly connected to under saddle work.  

By teaching meaningful ground work to help the horse both physically and mentally; traditional dressage training; rider biomechanics; and advising my students on good horse management aspects, I feel my students have the necessary pieces of the puzzle and tools to ride right, understand “the how and why” of riding and can achieve their goals. 



Enhance Your Riding Skills

Develop Better Feel and Body Awareness

Learn To Pick Up Your Horses’ Back From Your Core &  

Put Your Horse On The Bit

Correct Body Asymmetry

Learn ‘The Cause and Effect’ and ‘How To’ of Riding 

Improve Your Horse’s Training  and Dressage Scores

Better Biomechanics Equals Better Performance


I teach biomechanics using streamlined corrections for the rider, taught in 'bite-sized chunks'; using words, images, and a 'hands-on' kinetic approach; and noting the positive 'feedback' from the horse when correctly applied. These are not always 'quick fixes', but are sustainable corrections and significantly change the rider's skill level. Correct body awareness and feel is essential for riders of all levels, and can be the “icing on the cake” even for very accomplished riders.

I have been working under Biomechanics Movement Founder and expert, Mary Wanless (author of “Ride with your Mind” RWYM books/DVDs) since 2007. I have had extensive training by riding and auditing RWYM clinics, completed multiple RWYM teacher training courses, and assisted with coaching in several RWYM clinics in Maryland.

 See my Teaching Notes page for more information on Rider Biomechanics