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Yvonne Atwood

British Horse Society Intermediate Instructor

USDF Bronze & Silver Medalist


Balancing Rider Biomechanics with Dressage Training

Classical dressage to improve the horse.

Increasing rider skills through biomechanics and body awareness.  

Safe, quality horsemanship.



BHS Intermediate Instructors Certificate

BHS Stage IV Riding and Horse Management Certificate

1982 British Horse Society Intermediate Teachers Certificate

1979 British Horse Society Assistant Instructor Certificate

The Laws of Physics and Biomechanics work on all riders, the same way gravity works on all apples”  Heather Blitz.

Heather Blitz and Paragon
(2011 Pan American Games Team Gold and Individual Silver Medalist.
Reserve member U.S. Dressage Olympic Team 2012 London).
Photo by Hector Garrido

Better Biomechanics Equals Better Performance

For both horse and rider to be in harmony,
it is necessary to train the rider as well as the horse.

Yvonne and Radiance.